About Us


Who We Are

Retreat2Eden is a non-profit, pro-life sanctuary assisting with the physical and psychological rehabilitation of abandoned animals.

Our Mission

Retreat2Eden is on a mission to continue socialising and rehoming as many furry friends as possible. To do this, we need to upgrade our sanctuary to provide for 10,000 dogs and act as a home base for animal rehabilitation.

Our Team

Retreat2Eden consists of dedicated, driven individuals. Together, we work to create a safe space that serves to protect the rights and lives of animals. 

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Our History

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Founders Johann and Lynne Wilhelm began saving animal lives in the mid-1990s but found working on small, temporary farms limited.

To curate a more sustainable approach to animal rehabilitation, they established Retreat 2 Eden in 2005. 



Johann and Lynne constructed their rehabilitation sanctuary in Port Alfred, Eastern Cape. Set in an expansive 106-acre farm, the couple cultivated their rehoming centre out of their own pockets. Since its inception, they’ve provided a haven for both farm and home animals. 

Retreat 2 Eden continues to rehabilitate, rehome, and provide a sanctuary for abandoned animals.