Other Ways to Give

supplies and services //

If you or anyone can assist with donating the needed resources or services to us directly, it would be mean more than money.

Contact us to find out more about donating supplies and services or read more about our projects here.

Check out some of the ways that you can help out Retreat-2-Eden…


Your business can provide services for Retreat-2-Eden to help offset some of the day-to-day operating costs we have. Some examples of our current needs include:

  • A construction team with knowledge of building sheds
  • A fencing team with knowledge of erecting treated pole fencing and electrical fencing.
  • General construction team.
  • A construction team with knowledge of installing gutters & working with wood & steel for the water tower & repairing the concrete reservoir.
  • A plumbing team to assist with all the pipe work.
  • We have a few donated second hand pumps in need of overhaul
  • A supportive insurance assessor would be a great help in finding a bargain.
  • Mechanical assistance with vehicles.


Most of our material needs are related to general maintenance and day to day operations. If you have tools, hardware and food you no longer need, new or used, we would love to take them off your hands! 



Storage shed:

General storage shed to safeguard any donated materials and supplies.

Workshop & Maintenance facility:

Retreat 2 Eden is continually needing to tackle projects requiring general handyman repairs / fabrication, such as: 

  • Old / disused / broken items that are donated – most of which can be repaired and put to practical use which will be of much benefit.
  • Maintenance of existing structures and equipment.
  • Construction of additional structures etc.
  • Up-cycling items that would be dumped – saving the environment and re-engineering waste into productively useful items.

Quarantine facility, Clinic, wash & dip facility & reception:

We aim to construct a fully functioning clinic facility which can be utilised as a centre for vets in the area  for performing steralizations, vaccinations and surgery of small and large animals and other veterinary services

Steel for construction: Lip channel, I – beams, steel poles, angle iron, square tubing, steel strapping, threaded rods.
Construction timber
Treated poles
Construction timber: purlins, rafters etc.
Stone / aggregate
Bricks & cement blocks
Shutter board
Roof sheets: Steel, asbestos, cement fibre
Doors & door frames
Window frames
Wiring and electrical fittings
Pipes and plumbing fittings
Steel shipping containers

Enclosures for the rescues:

Steel to build slide gates
Wheel barrow wheels for the gates
Poles & fencing

Shelters for the rescues:

Treated poles
Roof sheets: Steel, asbestos, cement fibre
Stone / aggregate
Shade netting

Water provision:

A primary goal of Retreat2Eden is to become self sufficient in the provision of water, food and energy.

We are exploring two projects to increase the water availability:

  • Harvesting and storing every drop that falls on the roofs.

  • The drilling of a borehole in a position that will provide several thousand liters a day of water. 

50mm Class 3 Irrigation piping (at least 300m)
50mm pipe fittings
50mm stop cocks / taps
Timber or steel to complete the water tower


We aim to provide care to animals that are in need, wherever in the world they are.

Currently, we have limited transport capabilities that are in serious need of upgrading in order to be able to reach animals in inaccessible regions.

New/Used Isuzu KB250 1 ton bakkie
Reliable & in good working order
For when dogs are being transported the following would be ideal:
Rear slide window, aircon to keep dogs being transported in the back cool
Existing Suzuki Jeep
Repair badly rusted body work
Service engine
Replace carburettor
Install radiator fans
Repair / replace seats
Paint job

Off road trailer / water bunker:

Steel & off road wheels
Petrol water pump & hose with fire-fighting nozzle

Got something?

We’d love to discuss how you or your company can get involved with Retreat-2-Eden.