Sanctuary Project

10 000 dogs by 2025

Our vision is to rehabilitate 10,000 animals by 2025 and become a beacon of hope for service dogs across the globe.

To reach our goal, we need to double the capacity of the sanctuary each year and construct the relevant infrastructure to manage and provide the necessary care for all the animals. Our goal is to garner the following: 

  • Clinic facility for veterinary services
  • Maintenance warehouse and workshop
  • Upgrade fences of existing enclosures and erection of additional fencing.
  • Self-sufficiency in the provision of water and food.
  • Multipurpose structure to provide cleaning and caring facilities.
Dog at vet

clinic facility in 2022

An estimated 85 per cent of all companion animals in South Africa are kept in the townships. Most of the inhabitants of those townships don’t have the financial resources to pay for veterinary care. 

Many dogs and humans die yearly due to rabies as only 15 per cent of animals are vaccinated regularly against the virus or the animals are killed out of fear of a possible infection.

We aim to construct a fully functioning clinic facility which can be utilised as a centre for vets in the area to perform sterilizations, vaccinations, and surgery of small and large animals and other veterinary services.

warehouse structure in 2022

Our facilities and projects constantly require general handyman repairs/fabrication, such as: 

  • Old / disused / broken items that are donated – most of which can be repaired and put to practical use, which will be of much benefit.
  • Maintenance of existing structures and equipment.
  • Construction of additional structures etc.
  • Up-cycling items that would be dumped – saving the environment and re-engineering waste into productively useful items.
Water collector

self-sufficient ecosystem

Retreat 2 Eden receives no provision of water from the municipality and is therefore solely responsible for sourcing and providing water.

Presently, we rely on a low-yield borehole which provides several hundred litres per day. As such, we must carefully ration our resources for the existing number of rescues.  This makes it exceedingly difficult to take in any additional numbers of rescues.

A primary goal of Retreat2Eden is to become self-sufficient in providing water, food, and energy.

This requires innovation at multiple levels, from growing food and water catchment to generating our own electricity using off-the-grid technologies.

We are exploring two projects to increase water availability:

  • Harvesting and storing every drop that falls on the roofs.

  • The drilling of a borehole in a position that will provide several thousand litres a day of water. 

Multi-purpose structure

This structure is vital to continue the rescue & rehabilitation work effectively and responsibly. 

  • Wash & Dip facility
  • Medical examination room with hoist and crawl beam.
  • Reception / admin room
  • Food storage room
  • Food preparation & cooking room
  • General storage area
  • Ablutions
  • Quarantine shelter

rescue network

We aim to provide care to animals that are in need, wherever in the world they are.

Currently, we have limited transport capabilities that need upgrading to reach animals in inaccessible regions.

give us a hand

We can’t achieve all this on our own and need your help.

If you or anyone you know are able to offer skills or resources that we are in need of, its worth more than money. 

See how you can help.