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Retreat 2 Eden’s bridging programme seeks to assist the animals in adjusting to a normal family environment. This rehabilitation includes socialization and emotional assistance while living within a family unit of both humans and dogs.

In cases where a suitable home cannot be matched for a dog, a forever home is provided in the sanctuary for the dogs to live out the rest of their lives.


2 years old

Discovered on the dusty streets at a mere six weeks old, Luke was suffering from a plethora of problems. Luckily, after being rescued and replenished, he has matured into a fine young gentle-hound. Luke is a sensitive being with buckets of love to both give and receive. At the ripe age of one, this precious pup is good with cats and wonderful with children. He’s been sterilised and socialised.

Luke was discovered one week before Leia, and the two are, therefore, quite close as they grew up together. While they don’t have to be adopted together, they get along very well and make a wonderful pair for those looking to adopt more than one dog.


2 years old

Full of love, affection and playfulness for both dogs and humans alike.

She can be very demanding with attention, If you don’t give attention, she will come and take it. Gets on well with everyone. She’s a nice all rounder.


Border collie cross - 3 years old

Cody’s personality is as striking as his photogenic nature. This Border Collie Cross, aged two to three years old, is a bouncy, happy, and playful pup. He’s been sterilised, socialised, and he’s wonderful around cats.

Cody isn’t particularly fond of large male dogs, children or small dogs.

If you’re looking for a loyal cuddle buddy, Cody is your dog.


2 years old

Not only does Bristo have an adorable face, but his playful, hilarious nature is sure to keep you on your toes and entertained. He’s fully socialised and loves a good cuddle. Being around two years old, Bristo is the perfect playmate and companion for a loving family.


3 years old

This sweet three-year-old pup is on the hunt for love. His gentle, soothing, and sensitive nature is the perfect addition to a peaceful home.

He’s very shy and requires a patient and tender family.


Rottweiler - 6 years old

Handsome Brutus is a character indeed. He enjoys long walks on the beach, a good reading spot in the shade, and tons of tummy tickles. While he needs someone to get him into shape, this six-year-old Rottweiler adores lounging around and being admired. Brutus is great with smaller dogs, puppies, and female dogs, but not too gentle when it comes to cats or small children.

For those looking for a more energetic companion, Brutus is not an active dog and, therefore, may not be your ideal choice.


Whippet cross - 2 years old

From the harsh wilderness to the loving embrace of R2E, little Whippet Cross Lucy is looking for a new forever home. She’s curious, playful, and attentive, yet undeniably loyal. This two-year-old is well socialised and ready to take on the world with a new best friend.


This gorgeous young lady has the strength and spirit of a lioness. Shanzee was discovered as a pregnant pup with multiple injuries. But with dedication, support, and bundles of love, she’s a strong, healthy female pup looking to settle down with a caring family.


2 years old

If you’re looking for a large, sweet pup to join your tribe, Monty is the hound for you. Being around 1.5 years old, Monty is both playful and incredibly gentle. He works wonderfully with other dogs.


3 years old

Three-year-old Tina has had a difficult past.

Malnourished and scared, Tina required an abundance of love and care. Today, she has made leaps and bounds.

She is one of the sweetest ladies out there and needs tons of love to live out her glorious days.


6 years old

With gorgeous orange eyes and a fierce personality to go with them, Tiger is one of a kind.

This six-year-old male is praised for his loyalty. He is protective of his humans and loves a long stroll in the park.

Tiger is well socialised and does well with cats, chickens, and other farm animals.

He’s not fond of other dominant males, so make him your number one companion, and he’ll treat you like royalty.


2 years old

Pedro is a crossbreed sweetheart. He’s shy, gentle, and looking for a whole lot of love.

Pedro comes from a difficult background, leaving him slightly nervous when it comes to cuddles. However, he deserves all the love he can get.

If you run a home based on a foundation of patience and compassion, Pedro will make a beautiful companion.


2 years old

Chewy is one of those characters that will choose his person.

He is amazing with the right people but he chooses his family. He was adoptive before but tried to break out, so he came back to the sanctuary. There was nothing wrong though, the home was loving and caring however he decided it just wasn’t a good fit for him.

He has a loving personality, is adorable, and needs someone who is very affectionate but Chewy is gonna choose his family, he doesn’t just get along with everybody.

Cesar (Young Cesar)

German Sheperd - 4 years old

Young Cesar is very much a one person dog, in need of a strong bond with a single individual.

He’s fun loving but has some anxiety issues which requires someone to understand him and work with him. He requires a very gentle and loving person. 

Suitable for a family with older children but not younger kids as he gets anxious with small kids under 13 years old.

Enjoys going for walks and outdoor life. Due to previous injury, he can’t run marathons. 


6 months old

This sweet little four-month-old pup is as strong as he is cute. Looking for a wonderful family to shower him with love.


2 years old

If sweet, sensitive, and soulful are the kinds of attributes you’re looking for in a dog, then Amy is the angel you need.

At the wonderful age of two years old, Amy is compatible with female or male dogs, farm animals, and even cats, making her the perfect addition to your family.

Full of life and love, this sunshine in dog form brings joy wherever she roams.


6 years old

Friendly, loving, enjoys affection,  and gets on well with children.

However she can be a dominant female, so if another female dog in present in the home environment it is potentially an issue if the other female has a dominant nature. 


4 years old

Spontaneous, loving, full of life, loves an active life style, he enjoys a family that enjoys an energetic dog, he’s playful. He gets on well with other dogs. He’s a lovely boy

Magnum - Adopted ❤️

German Sheperd - 2 years old

Filled to the brim with energy and love, Magnum is a loyal, intelligent German Shepard at the ripe age of two. He’s great with other dogs of all shapes and sizes but may be slightly put off by dominant male dogs. His energetic nature means he can’t be around livestock. Being a hyperactive, fun-loving hound, Magnum requires a home and handler to match his energy levels.

Recommended home is to include a large garden and a 1.8m fence. He cannot be transferred via a pet transporter— the family must come in person to collect him.

Ricky - Adopted ❤️

Ricky hails from a stressful environment. Having been raised, trained, and employed as a K9 service dog, he had many triggers that flared aggression. But now, after undergoing an intense rehabilitation process, Ricky is a playful, gentle, and inquisitive hound.

While he makes for a wonderful canine companion, he requires a specific home and handler.

Nexo- Adopted ❤️

4 years old

Very gentle, sensitive loving boy. Would appreciate having a gentle family home to adopt.

Enjoys walks and runs, happy go lucky. Nexo is not compatible with other dominant dogs, he’s got a sensitive personality and craves love and attention.

Rommel - Adopted ❤️

Boerboel x Great Dane - 3 years old

A kind soul and playful nature, Rommel is a large and active pup. Assumed to be either 2 or 3 years old, Rommel is well socialised. He’s believed to be a Boerboel Great Dane Cross. While Rommel is both loving and sweet, he requires a confident handler.

Ceasar - Adopted ❤️

German Sheperd - 8 years old

A sweetheart and experienced dog filled with wisdom, Caesar is a loving eight-year-old German Shepard that enjoys a peaceful time with companions.

He responds well to cats but can get protective when it comes to his chosen human.

Sterilised and in need of a loving forever home to live out his days in tranquillity, Caesar is ideal for quiet, easy going people that are relaxed. He enjoys easy going walks and and leisurely strolls.

Zeus - Adopted ❤️

Rottweiler - 2 years old

Brave, bold, and beautiful—that’s Zeus. While this two-year-old Rottweiler may look fierce, he’s completely fluffy and loveable on the inside. Zeus is both calm and wise and will make for a loyal and unparalleled companion. Revel in his majestic nature and see for yourself!

Bronski - Adopted ❤️

3 years old

This multicoloured fluffy gentle giant is one of a kind. He is kind, playful, and energetic and requires a confident handler.

Bronski has been socialised but would do well to be paired with a female companion. 

It’s recommended that Bronski does not join a family with small children.

Thunder - Adopted ❤️

German Sheperd - 8 years old

Introducing the gentlest giant out there — Thunder. This eight-year-old male is a devoted guardian who just adores a good scratch and some quality loving.

While he may be in his later years of life, Thunder is truly young at heart and requires a fair amount of exercise and playtime.

He responds well to little dogs but struggles to get along with other dominant males.

Jaxx - Adopted ❤️

German Sheperd - 2 years old

This handsome two-year-old male German Shepard is a gentle giant. He requires a loving home and some much-deserved scratches.

Ice - Adopted ❤️

German Sheperd

Fluffy is the name of Ice’s game. This female furry friend is two years old and full of fluffy love. Not only is Ice majestic on the outside, but she has an incredibly warm inside too.

Fiercely loyal, Ice cannot join a home with a dominant female, and she tends to become overprotective if her chosen human has another dog. That being said, she responds incredibly well to cats. If you’re a confident handler looking for a new best friend, Ice is the one for you.

Due to her protective nature, Ice’s new home will have to be carefully considered.

Hope - Adopted ❤️

This sweet little girl is the full embodiment of her name. Hope was discovered in the wild, starving and devoid of love. But since joining the R2E family, she has made incredible strides. Today, Hope is a joy to be around. While her background has made her a tad nervous, she’s wonderfully loving and playful once you’ve earned her trust.

New owner will have to provide Hope with an abundance of tender love and care.

found a forever buddy?

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Once you’ve been checked out, you and your family (pets included) are invited to visit the sanctuary to interact with potential dogs in order to find that perfect match.