eMthunzini is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation that seeks to assist in the healing of abused and hurting animals and people.

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Royalynne Equine & Pet Care has successfully treated a variety of pets, horses, donkeys, livestock, birds, reptiles, and wild animals.  They manufacture a wide range of natural treatments for animals.  Should they not have a herbal blend that would suit your requirements they will endeavour to design one specifically for you.

Equine Care Product List
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Achieving Immunity & Fighting AHS Naturally
African Horse Sickness Pack
Assisting Your Horse In Maintaining Optimal Health and Vitality - The Natural Way
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Although Royalynne does not make any healing claims, it is their calling to aid in the recovery of a variety of conditions using natural treatments and herbal supplementation.  While the use of Royalynne Equine Care products will most certainly reduce the number of health related incidences requiring medical attention, Royalynne by no means claims to replace the value of veterinary services.

Horses are known to hurt themselves or get sick at the most inconvenient times especially at night or over a weekend.  Often farms are too far away to call the vet out at night and due to travelling costs are very expensive to call out to treat a minor condition.  Royalynne products have been very successfully used to bridge this gap in assisting horse owners in treating their horses themselves.  Keeping a first aid kit filled with Royalynne products will save you endless headaches.  Royalynne will advise and assist you in putting together a well-stocked first aid kit as well as offer advice as to which products are best suited to your horse.


Studies have shown that the British Native Ponies instinctively know which plants to choose from to eat for any condition they may have – and the majority of them seem to cure themselves by doing so.

The modern day domestic horse does not have the opportunity to do so as the variety of plants in their paddocks are limited in modern day society.  This herb-free, protein-rich diet can lead to various conditions e.g. sweet itch and laminitis.  Many of the conditions that we label today as “incurable diseases” are all able to be treated very successfully with the use of the relevant herbs and natural extracts – the British Native Ponies are living proof of this.


All Royalynne Equine herbal formulas and supplementation are 100 % natural.

For many years Royalynne has researched the benefits and healing properties that herbs have to offer horses and other animals.  They import medicinal grade herbs from all over the world to offer you top quality blends of herbs and other natural extracts that are specifically designed and manufactured to suit the individual animal's requirements, providing you with a safer alternative to pharmaceutical drugs.

It is important to note that in many instances herbal remedies, although they are often more effective and much safer to use, may take a little longer than pharmaceutical drugs to bring about the desired effect.  The results however are longer lasting and treat the body as a whole and not just the symptoms and therefore are more beneficial to the horse.  Having said this, Royalynne has had tremendous success with treating conditions such as African Horse Sickness and colic where instant results are needed.

Some of the beneficial herbs used in the blends should be avoided by pregnant mares.   Should you be unable to use a product for this or any other reason as stated in the safety precautions, please do not hesitate to contact Royalynne in order to have a product designed specifically to suit your needs.


It is Royalynne’s desire to see your horse reaches its full potential and attains peak vitality and health.  Should you not find a product on the product list to suit your requirements please do not hesitate to contact Royalynne.  They will endeavour to design a product especially for your horse at no extra charge and assist you with advice throughout the healing process.

The owners of Elkasun Shazaar Africa exclusively use Royalynne products on him!! He is a perfect example of what Royalynne's Coat Enhancer & Sun Protection Formula and the Showing Products can do for your horse.


Royalynne Naturally Yours

        We pride ourselves in offering a personal and specialized service to our clients
Should we not have the product you are looking for, we will endeavour to formulate a new product for you

Naturally Yours Price List


Royalynne manufactures a top quality skin care products that really can compete with the best brand names in the world.  Their products include an anti-wrinkle range, moisturisers for all skin types, foaming gel cleansers, exfoliators, facial masks, alcohol-free toners, body lotions and a perfume range to name a few.  Plus they manufacture a unique range of skin treatments e.g. acné gel and scar tissue oil.

Their Anti-Cellulite range and Wrinkle Decreasers have taken the market by storm.  The results have been outstanding!

People find an amazing difference in their skin after just a week of using Royalynne products.  Seeing really is believing!

What makes royalynne products so unique?  

 Royalynne skin care products are rich in natural moisturizers, anti-oxidants and sunscreens.  They contain a wide spectrum of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and proteins of natural origin so you can know that when you use Royalynne products you are providing the best possible nutrition and care for your hair and skin.

Royalynne products are kept as natural as possible and are not tested on animals.  They are also free from animal derivatives.  This means that when you use Royalynne products you can be sure that no animal has suffered just so that you can look good!

Each Royalynne product contains a unique blend of pure essential oils, plant oils and natural extracts that have been carefully formulated to obtain maximum results.

Royalynne cares for you personally.  If you would like a product designed to suit your individual needs, we would endeavour to design it for.


 What are the benefits of using SKIN CARE products containing PURE essential oils?  

Mass-produced commercial creams and lotions are mainly manufactured using petrochemicals and animal by-products. 

These ingredients attract dirt, clog your pores and are known to play a role in the development of many skin allergies found in modern society.

Essential oils contain micronutrients e.g. calcium, magnesium, thiamine, riboflavin, potassium, carotene, iron and zinc. 

By applying them to the skin, these ingredients are absorbed through the skin

Essential oils offer the following benefits for your skin:

They stimulate skin cells into reproducing at a quicker rate resulting in decreased time lapse between new skin growth and the elimination of old cells.

They improve skin condition making it more dynamic and stronger.

 They can assist in the prevention of any congestion of toxic debris by improving lymphatic flow and the general condition of the lymph glands.

They improve circulation which in turn aids oxygenation and energizes the dermis by increasing the rate that nutrients are fed to it.

 They balance the rate that the sebaceous glands produce sebum thereby stabilizing a healthy skin condition.

 They contain bactericides and therefore help neutralize unwanted and unfriendly bacteria aiding in the prevention of blemished conditions.

They keep collagen and elastin in good condition and it is believed that the nutrients and proteins contained in the oils actually help to restore these tissue fibres.


the benefits of using ROYALYNNE’S UNIQUE HEALING PRODUCTS containing PURE essential oils  

Essential oils contain certain volatile oils that are 26 times more powerful than the antiseptic phenol (the active ingredient in most commercial cleansing products).

 Essential oils work through skin absorption.  They easily penetrate tissues and enter capillaries ensuring distribution throughout the body.

Unlike chemical drugs and treatments, essential oils do not remain in the body and leave no toxins behind.

Essential oils and natural extracts offer a much safer solution to pharmaceutical treatments and drugs.

Most pharmaceutical drugs and treatments are developed to “mimic” plant extracts therefore using the “real” ingredient is a much safer and more effective option.

Essential oils are easily absorbed and diffused.  Rubbing or massaging the products containing the oils into the skin over an organ or area that needs treatment will provide a very high concentration of the oil in the desired location.  

     At Royalynne we pride ourselves in offering a personal and specialized service to our clients.  Should we not have the product you are looking for, we will endeavour to formulate a new product for you.

Naturally Yours Price List

Herbs & Spices Product List


Royalynne manufactures herbal teas and external applications to suite your requirements. 

Although Royalynne does not make any healing claims, it is their calling to aid in the recovery of a variety of conditions using essential oil applications and herbal teas.  While the use of these will most certainly reduce the number of health related incidences requiring medical attention, Royalynne by no means claims to replace the value of medicinal services.

Should Royalynne not have a product that would suit your requirements they will endeavour to design one specifically for you.

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Royalynne offers raw plant products of exceptional quality - in fact their product list is one of the most comprehensive lists in South Africa.  Many herbs on their product list are not able to be sourced anywhere else in South Africa.

Their product list also includes medicinal herbs of pharmaceutical grade, pure spices and herbal teas. Royalynne's raw plant products are sourced from all over the world to ensure an excellent quality product. They are obtained from their natural countries (country of origin) as well as biologically-controlled areas world- wide.

Should Royalynne not have an item you are looking for they will endeavour to source it for you - as long as the order is 1 kg or over.

Should you have your own herbal recipes, Royalynne can offer you their services to blend the herbs for you."


Royalynne offers top quality skin and hair care bases in quantities from as little as 500 g.  Bases available:

Body Lotions & Creams
Facial Toners
Facial Masks
Facial &Body Scrubs
Shine Sprays
Conducting/Neutral Gel

Idea for making your own products as a hobby, or to give as gifts.  Essential oil blends suited to your needs can be purchased from Royalynne to make your hobby easy and affordable.

contact details:

Lynne Wilhelm
Cellphone:  072 388 9054
Email:  royalynne@retreat2eden.co.za