eMthunzini is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation that seeks to assist in the healing of abused and hurting animals and people.

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Rescued Animals

Some of the rescued animals and birds that have passed through eMthunzini's doors:


This young owl was rescued from a farm outhouse.  His foot was broken and lacerated with occasional puncture wounds.  It appeared as though he had a narrow escape from an Eagle who had tried to scoop him from the nest.


One such case in particular was a sheep that had been seriously savaged by German Shepard Dogs.  He had been treated but when maggots set in the owners told eMthunzini that if they did not take him they would have to slit his throat because his condition was so severe. By the time eMthunzini had been contacted literally thousands of maggots were eating away at his body and the vast majority of the muscle tissue extending from the hip down to the hoof of the rear of his right hind leg had been eaten by the dogs and what little remained was rotting and being consumed by the maggots.  In addition to which he had several other fist-size holes and smaller one in other areas of his body that were also infected and maggot-filled.

Royalynne kindly took charge of the treatment of the wounds and infection.  Within two weeks there was a remarkable improvement so much so that the  Veterinarian in assistance who were involved in the case could not believe the difference.  Gradually the wounds began to grow closed.  Today you can hardly notice that any injury had occurred and he has almost full use of his leg.

He was named Bruce after Bruce Willis, the star of the movie Die Hard about an individual who just wouldn't die!

 Bruce has made a remarkable recovery and has formed a firm bond with the horses.  He feels so secure at eMthunzini that he even socialises with the dogs - now that is trust!!


This little fellow was found with his wing caught in a security gate. He was rescued by eMthunzini and after a day of TLC at the centre he was ready to be released.


A little laughing dove that flew into a window and couldn't fly due to the injuries caused by the impact.


CC, short for Crazy Creature, was conviscated from someone tried to sell him illegally as a baby.   She grew up knowing both love and freedom.   CC eventually found a partner and brought both him and her beautiful babies to show off.  Eventually after about a year of visiting on a daily basis she left with her family for good.  This was a sad but exciting day as she was finally fully rehabilited.


Egyptian Geese, Donald & Daisy were both found as babies.  They were both eventually rehabilitated back into the wild.


After being chained up every day Pepsi was let loose and left to fend for himself for two weeks when his owner went away. He was rescued and is now a permanent resident at eMthunzini.

This poor little Vervet monkey was bought as a baby and taken to a location.  A gang decided that it would be fun to corner him up a tree and terrorise him with knives.  Fortunately he was rescued before any harm came to him.


A sick little lamb that was abandoned by it's mother.

These gorgeous budgies were suffering from severe Scaley Face when they were found in the care of an unloving petshop owner.  They were rescued, treated and given a wonderful, loving home.


Misty (on the right) was rescued as a day old chick with a broken leg.  She grew up sleeping on Jessica’s (a rough collie) back and believing that the Red-winged Starling eMthunzini had rescued at the same time was her sister. Once the Starling was released she still came every evening to visit Misty.

Sandy was added to the eMthunzini family as a friend for Misty so that Misty could begin believing that she was in actual fact not a dog, starling or human but a chicken!! Unfortunately Sandy died during December 2005.

Misty still resides at eMthunzini!


Blackie was a tame chicken who was destined for the pot. When Sandy died eMthunzini bought her to rescue her from her gruesome destiny as a companion for a very lonely Misty.  The two of them became great friends.


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