eMthunzini is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation that seeks to assist in the healing of abused and hurting animals and people.

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Photo Gallery

Star feels totally safe as he lies down in the company of Johann and the dogs. Little Star has a wonderful temperament  - mischievious yet so gentle. Star has been incorporated into eMthunzini's animal therapy programme to assist abused and hurting children.


One big happy family.  Star, Bruce and the birds all enjoying each other's company.


Star loves to play with anyone who is game!


Pepsi and Star enjoy the Autumn sun rays on the lawn.


Luma and Caleb share a tender moment.  Luma was adopted from the Howick SPCA at 3 months old and is now a permanent resident at eMthunzini.


Pepsi and Joshua enjoy a snooze together.


became surrogate mother for two goslings after sitting on and hatching two abandoned geese eggs.  She will surely become frantic when her "chicks" take to water?!


A Peahen and her chick enjoying the left overs from the dogs supper.


All animals at eMthunzini are encouraged to live in harmony with each other.  Here Caleb, a Rottweiller cross, demonstrates this perfectly as he welomes the 2-day old goslings into the eMthunzini family.



Joshua and the goslings have grown up together and become good friends.  Joshua allows one of the goslings to share his favourite cushion with him.



Lynne being warmly welcomed home by Donald, the rescued Egyptian Goose.


A memorable moment for Lynne at the Greystone Cheetah Park. One of eMthunzini's goals is to be involved in a Cheetah conservation project in the future as well as helping to protect and conserve other endangered wildlife.


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