eMthunzini is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation that seeks to assist in the healing of abused and hurting animals and people.

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Permanent Staff

Johann Wilhelm

Johann is a founder member and executive trustee of eMthunzini.  Although he is a permanent staff member, he is a volunteer worker at eMthunzini, Port Alfred.  Being a volunteer, Johann not only works for eMthunzini full-time but he also is a small business owner in order to generate and income to support his family.  Johann is a distributor for various companies and owns Country Style and Country Hygiene.

Johann is a qualified paramedic and Food Technologist.


Lynne Wilhelm

Lynne is a founder member and executive trustee of eMthunzini.  Although she is a permanent staff member, she is a volunteer worker at eMthunzini, Port Alfred. 

Lynne, being a qualified Business Manager, Lay Counsellor and having obtained her degree in Christian Psychology, does the counseling at eMthunzini.

Being a volunteer worker (although a permanent staff member), Lynne has established a company called Royalynne to allow her to earn a salary while continuing to work at eMthunzini.  Royalynne specialises in natural skin care products and natural healing treatments for humans and animals.  The Royalynne Equine and Pet Care ranges are successfully used to treat the rescued animals at eMthunzini.


Elizabeth King

For many years Elizabeth has had the same vision as the eMthunzini founders.  During early 2011, several years after getting to know one another, eMthunzini and Elizabeth decided to join forces and open a branch of eMthunzini on her farm in Magaliesburg.  eMthunzini, being in temporary premises are not able to take horses in for rehabilitation at this stage.  Elizabeth has kindly offered to begin taking horses in for treatment.  She will also be undertaking fundraising for eMthunzini.  Elizabeth is also owner of the company, Sentido.  Sentido manufactures top quality hand-crafted halters and leads for horses.

Please contact her for further information regarding any fundraising projects, or if you would like to assist her with fundraising activities.  You will find her details on the contact page.

Elizabeth has many years of experience working with injured horses as well as those who have been mentally and emotionally abused.  The results that she achieves are astounding.