eMthunzini is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation that seeks to assist in the healing of abused and hurting animals and people.

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eMthunzini Supporters

eMthunini's Non-Profit Trust would not be registered today if it wasn't for the hours of patient advice and caring support of FINSERV.  They offer the following services:

Accounting and Income Tax for Individuals, Sole proprietors, Close Corporations, Companies. Partnerships and Trusts.

Monthly Bookkeeping services, including bank reconciliations, monthly, bi-monthly and annual statutory returns.

Administrative management of Body Corporates.


Supply, installation, customizing, training and support on Quickbooks accounting products.

Turnaround strategies for distressed business.

Outsourced financial management.

Capital budgeting and feasibility studies.

Facilitation of annual strategic planning and preparation of reviews and forecasts.

Resourcing of key personnel.

Consultation on corporate structures; supply, registration and maintenance of Close Corporations, Companies and Trusts.

FINSERVE can be contacted at:
Telephone: 084 - 583 2197/ (033) 394 1919
Email: info@finserv.co.za


A big thank you goes to Canon Products who made it possible for eMthunzini to purchase a digital camera that would suit eMthunzini's needs at a price they could afford. Most of the photos on the website have been taken with this camera. You can visit their website at www.canon.co.za.


Laura Wilhelm

Laura is a Graphic/Web Designer who designed the logos for the eMthunzini website as well as the labels for the Royalynne range of products, their stationery and business cards. She also was a huge help to Lynne with advice on designing the website.  Without her, Lynne being thrown in the deep end to design a website that she had no idea how to do, may have sunk and drowned!  

Should you require graphic or web design services, please email Laura on



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